Drs Blum & Desai, LLC
Drs Richard Blum, Sandhya Desai and Tina Mirza


From the Cross Valley Expressway, take Exit 3 for River St./Plains. Turn toward downtown Wilkes-Barre, left if you've just passed exit 2; right if you are coming from Kingston or the back mountain.  Continue on N. River St., pass McDonald's, up the hill, and take the very sharp left turn onto Auburn St. 

From downtown Wilkes-Barre, head south on N. River St. and take a right onto Auburn St. 

Our office is located in the Center for Same Day Surgery building on the second floor in Suite 230. Parking is available in the Center for Same Day Surgery parking lot. 

Get Directions To:
545 N River St
Wilkes Barre PA 18702

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